Where’s the Best Place to Sit at a Hockey Game?

If you’re a hockey fan, you know there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your favorite team take to the ice. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or enjoy watching the game, choosing the right seat can make all the difference in your experience. In this article, we’ll explore the best places to sit at a hockey game so that you can enjoy the action to the fullest.

Best Place to Sit at a Hockey Game?

Understanding Hockey Seating

Before we get into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the layout of a typical hockey arena. Most arenas are designed with an ice rink in the center and seats arranged in a circular pattern around it. The lower level is typically closest to the ice, followed by the upper level and any suites or boxes.

When choosing the best seat, there are a few factors to consider, such as your budget, personal preference, and the overall experience you’re looking for.

Are front-row seats at a hockey game good?

If you’re a fan who loves being in the middle of the action, front-row seats may be perfect for you. You’ll feel like you’re right in the game, with players crashing into the boards just inches away from you. However, keep in mind that you may miss out on seeing plays develop on the other end of the ice, as well as some of the finer details of the game. It’s also worth noting that front-row seats can come with a premium price tag. Consider your priorities and budget when deciding on the best seat for you at a hockey game.

Why do people like front-row seats?

People like front-row seats at a hockey game because it provides a unique and thrilling perspective of the game. You’ll be right up close to the action, feeling the energy of the players and the crowd. Fans can see the speed, skill, and physicality of the game in a way that is hard to replicate from further back. It’s a chance to see the players’ faces up close, and potentially even get a souvenir puck or stick. For some, the experience of being in the front row is worth the higher ticket price. However, it’s important to note that front-row seats may not be ideal for everyone, as they can come with some drawbacks such as obstructed views and higher prices.

Lower Level Seats

For many fans, the lower level is the ultimate hockey experience. These seats offer an up-close view of the action, and you can often hear the sound of sticks hitting the puck and players colliding with the boards. If you’re lucky enough to sit in the first few rows, you may even be able to see the players’ facial expressions.

However, lower-level seats can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for prime seating in the center sections. Additionally, the glass may obstruct your view of the action, and you may have to deal with crowds and long lines for food and restrooms.

Upper-Level Seats

The upper level may be the way to go if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. These seats can offer a great view of the entire rink, and you’ll be able to see the plays develop from above. You may also have an easier time getting in and out of the arena, as the upper level tends to be less crowded.

However, the distance from the ice can make it harder to see the details of the game, and the angle may be better for some fans. Additionally, the upper level may offer a different level of excitement and energy than the lower level.

Suites and Boxes

For a truly VIP experience, suites and boxes may be the way to go. These private areas offer comfortable seating, exclusive access to food and drinks, and a more upscale atmosphere. You’ll also have a great view of the game, often with the added benefit of a TV screen to watch replays.

However, these seats can be costly, and you may miss out on the crowd’s energy. You may only see some of the rinks from some of these seats.

Other Factors to Consider

When choosing the best seat, there are a few other factors to consider. For example, consider the weather, as seats near the ice can be colder than those on the upper level. You’ll also want to consider your comfort, such as whether you prefer aisle or center seats or need special accommodations.


Ultimately, the best place to sit at a hockey game will depend on your preferences and budget. A seat is perfect whether you prefer the excitement of the lower level, the bird’s eye view of the upper level, or the luxury of a suite or box. So grab your ticket, get ready to cheer on your team, and enjoy the thrill of the game from the perfect seat.


Can I bring my food and drinks to a hockey game?

It depends on the arena’s policy. Some arenas allow outside food and drinks, while others do not. Check with the arena before bringing it.

Are lower-level seats always more expensive than upper-level seats?

Generally, lower-level seats are more expensive due to their proximity to the ice and the excitement of being close to the action. However, prices can vary depending on the specific game and seat location.

What is the difference between a suite and a box?

Suites are typically more significant, more luxurious private areas that can accommodate groups of people, while boxes are smaller, more intimate spaces that typically seat a smaller group of people.

Do suites and boxes come with food and drinks?

Yes, most suites and boxes have access to food and drinks, often with a broader selection than what’s available to the general public.

Can I switch seats during a game?

It depends on the arena’s policy and the availability of seats. Some arenas allow seat upgrades or changes, while others do not. Check with the arena’s guest services for more information.


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