Decibel Showdown: Unveiling the NFL’s Loudest Fanbase

The fans of the Seattle Seahawks have been called the “12th Man”, and they certainly live up to that nickname. Their loudest moment came in 2013, when they set the Guinness World Record for noise at an outdoor stadium, with a deafening 137.6 decibels.

There’s no question that football fans are some of the most passionate and vocal fans in all of the sports. And when it comes to noise, they can be absolutely deafening. But which NFL team has the loudest fans?

That’s a tough question to answer definitively, as there are a number of factors that contribute to how loud a stadium can be. But based on anecdotal evidence and some scientific studies, it seems safe to say that the Seattle Seahawks have the loudest fans in the NFL. The Seahawks’ home field, CenturyLink Field, is notorious for its deafening noise levels.

Who Has the Loudest Football Fans?

There are a few teams that could lay claim to having the loudest fans in football. The Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs come to mind, as both have incredibly passionate fan bases that make a lot of noise. The Seahawks’ “12th Man” is legendary, while the Chiefs are known for their sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium.

But if we’re talking about sheer volume, it’s hard to top the Dallas Cowboys. AT&T Stadium has a retractable roof, which means that there is little to no escape from the noise when it’s closed during games. And with a capacity of over 100,000 people, there are a lot of voices adding to the din.

Of course, all of this is subjective. Some people might prefer the more intimate atmosphere of a smaller stadium like Lambeau Field, where Packers fans are notorious for being rowdy. Others might find the constant chants and songs at soccer matches to be more impressive than anything else.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each individual to decide who has the loudest fans. But one thing is for sure: football fans know how to make some noise!

What Nfl Teams Have the Loudest Fans?

When it comes to the NFL, there are a few teams that stand out when it comes to having loud and proud fans. The Seattle Seahawks have some of the loudest fans in the league, thanks in part to their “12th man” tradition. The Kansas City Chiefs also have very vocal fans, who are known for being some of the most creative and passionate in the NFL.

Other teams with loud and proud fanbases include the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers.

What is the Loudest Football Stadium in the World?

The loudest football stadium in the world is actually Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2014, fans set a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar at an indoor stadium, reaching 142.2 decibels.

What is the Loudest Football Stadium in America?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the size and shape of the stadium, the weather conditions on game day, and the fans themselves. However, there are a few stadiums that are regularly cited as being among the loudest in America. One of those is Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, home of the Chiefs.

The stadium holds more than 76,000 fans, and they are known for being some of the most passionate and vocal in the NFL. The Chiefs also have one of the best home-field advantages in the league, thanks in part to their noisy fans. Another loud football stadium is CenturyLink Field in Seattle, home of the Seahawks.

The stadium was designed specifically with noise levels in mind, and it has acoustics that amplify crowd noise. On game days, Seahawks fans set a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium (137.6 decibels). So while there is no clear-cut answer to which football stadium is the loudest in America, these two are definitely up there.

Who Has the Loudest Fans in the Nfl?


Top 10 Loudest Football Fans in the World

In no particular order, here are 10 of the loudest football fans in the world:

1. Seattle Seahawks Fans:

The “12th Man” is well-represented in Seattle, where Seahawks fans are some of the loudest in the NFL. They set the record for crowd noise in 2013, and they’re always a tough place for opponents to play.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Fans:

Chiefs fans are known for being passionate and vocal, and they set the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium back in 2014. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most intimidating places to play in the NFL.

3. Baltimore Ravens Fans:

Ravens fans are among the most dedicated in the NFL, and they’re also among the loudest. M&T Bank Stadium has been nicknamed “The Bank” because it’s so tough for opposing teams to come away with a win.

4. New Orleans Saints Fans:

Saints fans are notorious for being rowdy and loud, and they’ve been known to set off fireworks inside of their Superdome during games. Opposing teams definitely don’t enjoy playing in front of this raucous crowd.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers Fans:

Steelers fans are some of the most die-hards in all of sports, and they’re also very vocal when it comes to cheering on their team. Heinz Field can be a tough place for opposing teams, especially when Pittsburgh is playing well at home.

What are the Top 3 Loudest Nfl Stadiums

In the NFL, there are a lot of things that can make a stadium loud. It could be the fans, the PA system, or even just the way the stadium is designed. Whatever the case may be, there are certain stadiums that are just plain loud. Here are the top 3 loudest NFL stadiums, based on decibel levels:

Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs The Arrowhead Stadium holds the record for being the loudest stadium in the world. In 2014, it reached a decibel level of 142.2, which is basically equivalent to standing next to a jet engine. The fans here are known for being some of the most passionate in all of football, and they definitely make their presence felt when their team is playing at home.

CenturyLink Field

Seattle Seahawks The CenturyLink Field is right behind Arrowhead Stadium as far as noise levels go. It has reached decibel levels of 137 during games, which is incredibly loud. The fans here are also very passionate about their team and they love to make plenty of noise when they’re cheering them on.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

New Orleans Saints The Mercedes-Benz Superdome isn’t quite as loud as Arrowhead Stadium or CenturyLink Field, but it’s still pretty darn noisy inside. It has reached decibel levels of 130 during games, which is still pretty impressive given its size. The fans here love to get rowdy and make plenty of noise when their team is playing well (or even when they’re not). Either way, they definitely add to the atmosphere inside this stadium.

Loudest Stadium in the World 2023

In 2023, the quest to identify the loudest stadium in the world has reached new heights. Stadiums have become not only battlefields for teams but also arenas where passionate fans unleash their energy in thunderous roars. Amidst the sea of cheers, chants, and applause, one stadium stands out as the undisputed champion of decibels.

Arrowhead Stadium, home to the Kansas City Chiefs, has clinched the title of the loudest stadium in 2023. With a seating capacity of over 76,000 fervent fans, Arrowhead’s design plays a crucial role in its sonic supremacy. The vertical layout and bowl shape of the stadium trap amplify the sound, creating an environment that resonates with team spirit.

Fans, known as the “Sea of Red,” contribute to the stadium’s auditory thunder. Their synchronized chants and rallying cries generate an atmosphere that is electric and contagious. From kickoff to the final whistle, Arrowhead reverberates with the energy of its dedicated fans.

This victory solidifies Arrowhead Stadium’s place in sports history, reminding us of the profound impact fans can have on the game. As the loudest stadium of 2023, Arrowhead stands as a testament to the power of unity, passion, and unrelenting support that fans bring to the world of sports.


The Seattle Seahawks have the loudest fans in the NFL, according to a recent study. The study, conducted by SoundOff, measured the decibel levels of each team’s fans at their home stadiums. The Seahawks’ fans registered an average of 137.6 decibels, which is significantly louder than the second-place team, the New Orleans Saints (130.4 decibels). So why are Seahawks fans so much louder than everyone else? There are a few factors at play. First, CenturyLink Field is one of the smaller stadiums in the league with a capacity of just over 67,000.


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