Can You Jump a Golf Cart With a Car? Discover the Shocking Truth!

No, it is not safe or recommended to jump a golf cart with a car due to differences in battery voltage and electrical systems. Golf carts have become a popular means of transportation for short distances, especially in golf courses, gated communities, or large properties.

However, like all vehicles, they may experience battery deadening, which can be quite frustrating. When this happens, many people may consider jump-starting the golf cart with a car battery. But, is it okay to jump a golf cart with a car?

The answer is no. Jump-starting a golf cart with a car is unsafe and may damage the electrical system of the golf cart. In this article, we explain why it’s not a good idea to jump a golf cart with a car and what the alternatives are.

Can You Jump a Golf Cart With a Car

Understanding The Differences Between Golf Carts And Cars

Can You Jump A Golf Cart With A Car?

If you are wondering whether you can jump-start a golf cart with a car, it’s essential to understand the differences between these two vehicles. While both have similar functions, they are built using different technologies, and one cannot be used to jump-start the other.

Golf Carts Are Powered By Batteries That Are Significantly Smaller Than Those Found In Cars

The power source of a golf cart is a battery that is significantly smaller than that of a car. Thus, golf cart batteries cannot handle the same amount of battery juice as car batteries, meaning they run out much faster than car batteries.

Here are some key points to note regarding golf cart batteries:

  • Golf cart batteries are lead acid batteries
  • They generally last between 3-5 years
  • They require regular maintenance, including watering and equalization

Golf Carts Typically Have A 36-Volt Or 48-Volt Electrical System, While Cars Have A 12-Volt System

Unlike cars, golf carts use a 36-volt or 48-volt electrical system, which consists of six or eight batteries, depending on the model. The electrical system controls every part of the golf cart, including the motor, lights, horn, and charging port.

On the other hand, cars use a 12-volt electrical system. Here are some key points to know about both:

Golf carts:

  • Have a lead-acid battery
  • Use a 36v or 48v electrical system
  • Six or eight batteries are used
  • Require proper and timely maintenance


  • Use a 12v electrical system
  • Have a lithium-ion battery
  • Usually take 4-6 years to degrade
  • Battery maintenance is not required

Golf Carts Are Not Designed To Be Jump-Started In The Same Way That Cars Are

Jump-starting a golf cart with a car is not possible. A car has a 12-volt electrical system, while a golf cart has a 36 or 48-volt electrical system. This means that a car putting out 12 volts of electricity cannot keep up with the 36/48-volt system required within a golf cart.

Moreover, golf carts have smaller engines than cars, meaning they require less power to start. Instead, it is recommended that you charge your golf cart battery correctly or replace it with a new one if needed.

Jumping a golf cart with a car is not achievable, as both vehicles work differently. The batteries and electrical systems vary significantly, and jump-starting a golf cart with a car battery may damage both vehicles. The best approach is to ensure proper battery maintenance, charge the battery properly, and replace it when needed.

Exploring The Risks Of Jumpstarting A Golf Cart With A Car

It may seem like a good idea to jumpstart a golf cart with a car, but there are several risks to consider before attempting it. In this section, we will explore these risks and explain why you should be cautious.

Jumpstarting A Golf Cart With A Car Can Damage The Golf Cart’S Electrical System

Jumpstarting a golf cart with a car can lead to the following issues:

  • Overloading the golf cart’s electrical system
  • Damaging the golf cart’s batteries
  • Short-circuiting the golf cart’s electrical system

To avoid these issues, you must make sure that you do not connect the jumper cables to the golf cart’s batteries directly. Instead, use a separate 12-volt battery or a jump starter designed for golf carts.

If Not Done Properly, Jumpstarting A Golf Cart With A Car Could Result In Injury

Jumpstarting a golf cart with a car can be dangerous if not done properly. Here are some of the risks involved:

  • Electrical shock
  • Explosion of the battery
  • Fire

To avoid these risks, make sure that you read the golf cart’s owner manual before connecting the jumper cables. Also, use gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself while handling the cables.

Attempting To Jumpstart A Golf Cart With A Car Could Void The Golf Cart’S Warranty

Jumpstarting a golf cart with a car could lead to a voided warranty because it is not recommended by manufacturers. If something goes wrong during the jumpstart process, the manufacturer may refuse to cover the damages. So, if you are unsure about the proper way to jumpstart your golf cart, consult a professional or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

While it may seem like a quick fix, attempting to jumpstart a golf cart with a car can lead to several risks and may void the golf cart’s warranty. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious and take the necessary precautions before attempting it.

Considering Alternative Ways To Jumpstart A Golf Cart

Can You Jump A Golf Cart With A Car?

Most golf cart owners have experienced dealing with a dead battery, which can be frustrating when they need to be somewhere. One question that comes up is whether they can jumpstart their golf cart with a car. While it is possible, it is not always recommended due to the potential harm it can cause.

In this post, we will explore alternative ways to jumpstart your golf cart effectively and safely.

Use A Dedicated Golf Cart Jump Starter

Using a dedicated golf cart jump starter is a reliable and safe method to jumpstart your golf cart. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Check the jump starter’s compatibility with your golf cart before purchasing
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully
  • Ensure the jump starter is fully charged before using it
  • Keep the jump starter in your golf cart for emergencies

Connect Your Golf Cart To An External Battery Charger

Another way to jumpstart your golf cart is by connecting it to an external battery charger. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Ensure the charger is compatible with your golf cart’s battery and has the right power output
  • Connect the charger to the battery’s positive and negative terminals
  • Plug in the charger and leave it to charge for the recommended time
  • Turn on your golf cart and try to start it

Use A Deep-Cycle Marine Battery To Jumpstart Your Golf Cart

You can also use a deep-cycle marine battery to jumpstart your golf cart. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Ensure the battery’s voltage is similar to your golf cart’s battery
  • Connect the cables to the battery’s positive and negative terminals
  • Connect the cables to the corresponding terminals on your golf cart’s battery
  • Turn on the battery and start your golf cart

While jumping your golf cart with a car is possible, there are safer and more reliable methods to consider. Using a dedicated golf cart jump starter, an external battery charger or a deep-cycle marine battery are methods that you can use, depending on the circumstances.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking precautions, you can successfully jumpstart your golf cart and avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Tips For Maintaining Your Golf Cart’S Battery

Golf carts are an essential component of the recreational and transportation activities in golf courses, retirement communities, and other similar locations. These handy vehicles rely on a battery to operate, which can often lead to the question: can you jump-start a golf cart with a car?

While it may be a feasible option, it’s not always a recommended one. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to maintain your golf cart’s battery, ensuring it is always healthy and running efficiently.

Charge Your Golf Cart Battery Fully Before Each Use

One of the essential tips for maintaining your golf cart’s battery is to charge it entirely before every use. This habit will save you from purchasing a new battery prematurely and ensures that it performs consistently without any disruptions. Not only that, but it’s also one of the best things you can do to keep your battery healthy so that it lasts longer.

Avoid Leaving Your Golf Cart Parked In Direct Sunlight For Extended Periods Of Time

Golf cart batteries tend to lose their overall life and performance if exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods. So, it’s recommended to avoid leaving your golf cart parked under direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Instead, park your cart in covered areas away from the sun so that your battery is protected.

Use A Battery Maintenance Charger To Keep Your Golf Cart’S Battery Healthy Over The Long-Term

One of the most practical and effective ways to ensure that your golf cart’s battery remains healthy over the long term is by using a battery maintenance charger. This device is specifically designed to keep the battery chemically charged correctly, ensuring that it sustains a consistent charge over time.

With a battery maintenance charger, you can quickly restore your battery’s energy and make sure that it is always in good working condition.

By following these simple tips, you can easily maintain your golf cart’s battery in good health, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about it during outings. With proper care, your golf cart’s battery will always provide you with reliable performance and efficiency.


Is It Safe To Jump Start A Golf Cart With A Car?

Yes, but ensure both vehicles are turned off and follow the correct jumpstarting procedure.

Can Any Car Jumpstart A Golf Cart?

While any car can provide a jumpstart, ensure the car’s battery voltage matches the golf cart’s voltage.

Will Jumpstart A Golf Cart Damage The Cart’S Battery?

Jumpstarting won’t damage the battery if done correctly. However, repetitive jumpstarting can damage the battery over time.


Jumping a golf cart with a car may seem like a simple and practical solution, but it is important to consider the risks and potential damages involved. The weight and power difference between the car and the golf cart can lead to significant injuries and damages, especially if the attempt is unsuccessful.

Additionally, it is important to note that jumping a golf cart with a car may void the golf cart’s warranty and potentially damage the battery or electrical system. The best course of action is to avoid the need to jumpstart the golf cart by keeping it maintained and charged properly.

If a jumpstart is necessary, it is safer to use a golf cart jump-starting device or seek assistance from a professional. Overall, while jumping a golf cart with a car may seem like a quick fix, it is important to consider the potential consequences and explore safer options.


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