Master Your Game: Know How Many Mulligans Are Allowed in Golf

In golf, players are allowed only one mulligan per round. A mulligan is a second chance to hit a shot without penalty.

It originated as a practice in the early 20th century when golfers would refer to a missed shot as a “mulligan”. Nowadays, it is allowed only under certain informal circumstances, and players must agree with their playing partners to take one.

The main idea behind mulligans is to ensure that the game is fun and enjoyable, even for those who are still learning how to play golf. In this article, we’ll discuss the origin of mulligans, the rules surrounding their use, and their impact on golf etiquette.

Master Your Game: Know How Many Mulligans are Allowed in Golf


How Many Mulligans Are Allowed In Golf?

What Are The Official Rules Regarding Mulligans?

Mulligans are not officially recognized by the rules of golf. It is not mentioned in the official rulebook of the united states golf association (usga), but many golfers still take advantage of them. Mulligans are essentially a second chance to take a shot and they are used most commonly on the first tee shot of the round.

Can The Number Of Mulligans Vary Depending On The Golf Course?

The number of mulligans allowed varies and depends entirely on the policies of the golf course or the group of golfers. There are some courses that have a policy that allows for one mulligan per golfer, while others may allow a maximum of three.

It is important to check with the course beforehand and never assume that mulligans are allowed.

What Are The Consequences Of Using Mulligans Beyond The Allowed Limit?

Using more mulligans than allowed could lead to various consequences. For instance:

  • The group playing behind you may be left waiting for too long, leading to slow play and frustration.
  • Mulligans may not be allowed on the course, and going beyond the allowed limit may lead to disqualification.
  • If you’re playing in a tournament, be aware that mulligans are usually not allowed, and violating this rule may result in penalty strokes or disqualification.

It’s important to play honestly and with integrity when it comes to golf and to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the course or tournament. Remember, mulligans should be used for fun and camaraderie, but not at the expense of the game’s rules.

Benefits Of Using Mulligans

Golf is a unique sport where players are allowed to hit a ball multiple times to reach the hole. But, what if your shot turns out to be a complete miss? This is where mulligans come in, allowing you to retake a shot with no additional penalty.

Although some people frown upon using mulligans, others argue that these “do-overs” bring benefits that can positively impact your game.

How Mulligans Can Help To Improve Your Game

Here are some ways that mulligans can help you improve your game:

  • Mulligans allow you to try different shots that you normally wouldn’t, without risking a penalty. This is especially useful when practicing or playing on unfamiliar courses.
  • With mulligans often comes a bit of relaxation. Knowing that you have a chance to correct your mistake and get another shot can alleviate the pressure, anxiety, and tension that often come with playing golf.
  • Using mulligans can give you a chance to learn from your mistakes and help you develop a better sense of how the ball reacts on the course.

How They Can Help To Lower Your Score

Lowering your score is the ultimate goal in golf, and mulligans can help you achieve that in different ways:

  • You can avoid accruing stroke penalties and thus reduce your overall score.
  • Mulligans give you more chances to shoot the ball closer to the hole, which means you are more likely to make your shots count.
  • If your first shot goes out of bounds or into a hazard, using a mulligan can help you avoid an additional penalty shot and keep your score at a minimum.

How They Can Boost Your Confidence On The Course

Confidence is key in golf, and mulligans can provide that much-needed boost.

  • Knowing that you have a chance to hit another shot, free of penalty strokes, can give you the confidence to take more risks.
  • Mulligans can also encourage you to take a more aggressive approach to your shots, which can lead to better scores.
  • The sense of empowerment and control that comes from using a mulligan can alleviate pressure and boost your confidence on the course.

Using mulligans in golf can bring forth different benefits that can improve your game, lower your score, and boost your confidence. While some may argue that mulligans take away from the true spirit of the sport, using them in a responsible and appropriate manner can enhance your overall playing experience.

Remember though, every golfer should be familiar with the rules of golf when it comes to mulligans.

Drawbacks Of Using Mulligans

Golf is one of the most popular sports across the globe, and it is also one of the few sports that allow for a slightly more relaxed approach thanks to the availability of mulligans. For the uninitiated, mulligans are essentially a “do-over” shot that players can take without being penalized.

Many golfers depend on them heavily during their games, but there are some significant drawbacks to overusing them. In this post, we will discuss the drawbacks of using mulligans, paying attention to how they can develop into a bad habit, lead to over-reliance, and negatively impact the golf game of other players.

How Mulligans Can Become A Bad Habit

Mulligans are meant to serve as a reset button when a player makes a lousy shot, but they can quickly become a crutch if they are used too frequently. Players may find themselves becoming less concerned with their initial shots, relying entirely on mulligans to make up for them.

Over time, this can lead to a decline in their golfing skill, making them dependent on do-overs instead of working on improving their shots.

How They Can Lead To Over-Reliance On Mulligans Instead Of Skill Improvement

Mulligans were created to help players learn from their mistakes and improve their game over time. However, if golfers rely too heavily on mulligans, they may never learn from their mistakes and instead opt for an easy fix. Players who become reliant on mulligans will not develop their skills to the best of their ability, and their ability to play the game may suffer in the long run.

  • To avoid the negative impact of mulligans, golfers must learn to use them sparingly.
  • Relying on mulligans is not a sustainable strategy, and eventually, players will have to face the brutal reality of their game.
  • Using mulligans as a learning tool rather than an “easy way out” will help golfers improve their shots and become more confident on the green.

Negative Impact On The Golf Game Of Other Players

While mulligans are a personal choice that each golfer can make, they can negatively impact other players in the game. In a strict sense, mulligans can slow down the game, which can be frustrating for other golfers who may be beginners or looking to play a fast game.

Moreover, the advantage gained by taking a mulligan can be unfair to other players who are dealing with real mistakes and trying to recover from them.

  • Mulligans can create an uneven playing field, especially in competitions where there are clear-cut rules against mulligans.
  • Overreliance on mulligans can create a frustrating game for other golfers who may not be as advanced in their skill level.
  • In the end, golfers who use mulligans as an easy way out will not only be cheating themselves but also other fellow players who are trying to play a fair game.

While mulligans can be an excellent tool for learning and improving in golf, players should use them judiciously. Using mulligans excessively can lead to bad habits, an overreliance on them instead of skill improvement, and a negative impact on other players.

So, next time you think about taking a Mulligan shot, stop and ask yourself if it’s worth the long-term cost.

Tips For Using Mulligans

When To Use A Mulligan

Golf is a game of precision and accuracy, but even the best players make mistakes. Mulligans are a chance for golfers to retake a shot without any penalty. However, it’s important to know when to use a mulligan. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Use mulligans sparingly and only when necessary. It’s not wise to waste them on every shot that goes awry.
  • Consider using mulligans on your first tee shot to get a good start to your game.
  • If a shot goes out of bounds or lands in a water hazard, using a mulligan may be a smart choice.
  • Mulligans can also be used to correct a shot that ended up in a bad lie or a difficult spot.

How To Use Them Effectively Without Abusing The Privilege

Knowing when to use a mulligan is essential, but using them effectively can make all the difference in your game. Here are some tips to use mulligans efficiently:

  • Use mulligans to correct mistakes that are costing you strokes and ruining your game.
  • Consider taking a practice swing before using a mulligan to ensure you don’t make the same error twice.
  • Use mulligans early in your round to help make up for bad shots that you may not have the chance to correct later on.
  • Don’t forget that using mulligans can cause you to lose focus, so use them when you need to.

How To Avoid Misuse Of Mulligans

While mulligans can be helpful, they can quickly turn into a crutch. Improper use of mulligans can lead to a bad score and negatively affect your game. Here are some tips to avoid misuse:

  • Stick to your game plan and avoid using mulligans as a way to play catch-up.
  • Avoid using a mulligan when caught up in the heat of the moment. Take a deep breath and think before deciding if it’s the right choice.
  • Use mulligans as a means to recover, not as a way to cheat. It’s important to remember the rules of golf and their purpose.
  • Don’t rely on mulligans too much. Instead, use them to correct mistakes and improve your game.

Mulligans can be a valuable tool in a golfer’s arsenal but should be used wisely. Remember to use them sparingly and effectively, and avoid misusing them. Happy golfing!

Frequently Asked Questions For How Many Mulligans Are Allowed In Golf

How Many Mulligans Can You Use In A Round Of Golf?

The number of mulligans allowed in a round of golf is zero. Mulligans are not part of the official rules of golf.

Can You Take A Mulligan On Any Shot In Golf?

No, you cannot take a mulligan on any shot in golf. It is against the rules and is considered cheating.

What Is The Penalty For Taking A Mulligan In Golf?

There is no penalty for taking a mulligan in casual play. However, in tournament play, taking a mulligan is considered cheating and can result in disqualification.


In golf, mulligans can be a bit of a lifesaver for beginners who want to enjoy their game without too many hiccups. They give players the chance to make a mulligan after missing a shot, and this can help them avoid too many penalties or embarrassing moments.

However, it’s important to note that the rules of each game dictate the number of mulligans allowed. So, while the game might be more flexible during casual play, it’s always better to clarify the rules before a game. Ultimately, playing golf should be a fun and exciting experience for players of all skill levels, and mulligans can help make that happen.

With the right approach, golfers can use them to improve their game, but more importantly, they can use them to make their rounds more enjoyable and memorable.


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